Are you searching for a storage in Bicester, Oxfordshire where you can store some of your belonging safely and securely after a recent move? Or probably you are looking for a storage facility where you can save some of the old furniture and different household items which you won’t be taking along with you, but don’t want to dispose of them! If so, then welcome to Movers Direct. We are a leading removal company in Bicester, Oxfordshire. No matter, what you want to store, we have the right space and facility for you to store every belonging in our storage your possession will be store inside 100% 24-hours CCTV cameras. We give you the option to either choose short-term or long-term storage. It doesn’t matter whether you want to our storage just for a few days, we give you a customized solution.


If you have any questions about our storage, simply contact us today!.

Long-term storage capacity

The long-term storage facility is best for those who require storage for a much longer duration. Now, storage capacity depends from people to people. Some may need it just for a week, while others might need it for a more extended period. People who have a requirement of storing items in storage capacity for 6-month, nine-month, one year, or even more, often go with long-term storage. This storage capacity is idle for you if you are downsizing your home or want to remodel it, and it will take a good amount of time to finish the remodelling. So, you will need a place to keep your belongings safe. That’s why we are here for you. You can trust us completely for your long-term storage needs. Long-Term storage can store, TV units, bikes, sofas, mattresses, large appliances, and more.

Short-term storage

If you are more interested in short-term storage and want to keep your belonging no matter what it is safe just for a few days, then all you got to do is give us a call. Short-term storage is suitable for people who don’t have an item for a few things but would still want to have them in their home once they change the interiors and make some space for that item. Well, if you also need to make room for any of your items, then our short-term storage is the right choice for you. Let us know what you want to store, and we will make sure that we keep it secure with us for as little as a week. You tell us the number of days you want to store a particular item for, and we will store it for you. Get in touch with us if you are looking for a removal company in Bicester.